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  • Mandatory Safety Exams for Industrial Technology Courses ... High School and Jr. High

  • A one semester introductory course on parenting, childbirth and newborn to age 4 development.

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  • A continuation of the beginning Nutrition & Wellness (Foods 1) course.  More advanced food topics, including in-depth preparation of foods, adapting foods for specific dietary needs, and food issues.

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  • This course is worth .5 credits towards the Personal and Family Finance Program of Study at Ash Grove.  This course is aligned with the Missouri Personal Finance competencies and the assessment and certification competencies for the Personal and Family Finance Technical Skill Assessment (TSA).  Personal Finance is a required class for graduation in the state of Missouri.  Students not passing the class must retake the class until it is passed.

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  • American Government covers the varying political and economic systems used in the world.  Then we examine the U.S. Constitution from it's conception to it's use in our country today.

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  • World Geography takes a global perspective at describing the earth and all that reside in it.  Students will examine the geographic features, and the human population and culture found in various parts of the earth.

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  • This is the first semester of a one year course in Office 2010, this first semester we will learn about the basics in Word, Excel, and Power Point.

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